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An adventurers tale walkthrough


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An adventurers tale walkthrough

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Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter Deleted member Start date May 24, 2dcg adventure ahegao big tits combat creampie fantasy humor male protagonist milf multiple endings romance sandbox titfuck turn based combat vaginal sex. Discussion Reviews 1. Prev 1 2 3 4 Next. First Prev 2 of 4 Go to. Oct 10, KingFuzzy Active Member.

An adventurers tale walkthrough

Aug 3, ControlAni Newbie. Jul 17, 42 Ah, why the VN tag? Made miss it, since it's an RPG. Zalzany Active Member. Apr 19, DarkTao said:. May 19, 87 Nov 9, 1, 10, Genre answer Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Sep 30, ControlAni said:.

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Last edited: May 25, Aug 30, Deleted member Active Member. Jun 26, 11, Don't insult Skyrim, this game had the modding community to repair it making it a great game. More accurate comparison would be Fallout Last edited: Jun 20, Reactions: Bazzyremion02TiranoSupremo and 2 others. Kapowski Newbie.

An adventurer’s tale

Dec 2, 64 Anyone already finished it and have a save? Reactions: BadAtTech. NinjaBoi New Member. Apr 25, 4 3. Nopy version wouldn't download for me, kept coming up with errors, either the file is screwed on nopy or the site itself be wrong, I know it aint my computer because I downloaded the anonfile perfectly fine.

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Reactions: kylemorre. Dec 27, MrBoogie New Member. Jul 8, 3 0. View attachment View attachment vanilla skyrim BloodyKing New Member.

An adventurer's tale

Jan 22, 2 0. A decent game. It would be better without the countdown and all the bugs. Only managed to get all scenes for the noble girl.

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The other two are impossible to get. The first quest for the thief girl is done but I can't claim the reward and hence can't progress with her. I cleared most of the knight girl's quests but one of them is different because its outright impossible to clear.

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It asks you to kill 3 enemies in one area when they spawn in a different one. I killed close to 10 of those enemies but it still didn't count as cleared because its the wrong area. The game is horribly difficult at the start but when i progressed about half an hour into the game all the enemies were basically one shot by me.

Even bosses were two shot.

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And that's only with the basic normal attack. A triple attack kills everything if it hits. I really think that they did absolutely not bug testing for this game since its quite impossible to clear fully right now. One really bad bug is when an opponent or ally is stunned or confused and can't attack or move at all. The game still counts it as the characters turn and when they can't do anything the game is basically stuck and has to be restarted.

Aug 29, 42 May 5, Aug 18, NinjaBoi said:. Scrapman Newbie. Jan 7, 26 9. Guys, guys.

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We need to calm down a bit. The game launched on the 23rd and a hotfix was launched on the 24th. Bug fixes are coming, lets just hope the game becomes better with'em. Scrapman said:.

An adventurer's tale

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