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The UHS gives you just the hints you need to solve many games. We give you as much detail as any walkthrough, to help you finish. But unlike ordinary walkthroughs or cheats, we show you just the hints you need, so your game is never spoiled. Select the area where you're stuck and then keep clicking "Show Another Hint" to get the right level of help -- anything from a small nudge to a full answer.

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Bad Mojo is one game that is easily remembered, since it is indeed one of the few titles around where the player commands a cockroach : roaming around in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, avoid being squashed and, at the same time, trying to save someone from suicide.

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Sounds weird enough? The story, unfortunately, goes that the first time I actually managed to play it, I ended up being pretty underwhelmed. The intro sequence was pretty interesting and the graphics were also very well done, but I ended up getting stuck in a manner of minutes and I had to resort to consult a walkthrough to understand what I was actually expected to do.


This is because the child can do things no normal human infant could do without hurting himself, like falling from great heights, jumping hurdles and throwing heavy things around. You move objects around, balance yourself on leg tables in order to climb around and not much else. I have no quarrel with the adventure part, but the action? Personally, I find it ideal when games find a middle point: a realistic gameplay experience that also managed to be entertaining.

The iperrealistic simulation is fun only for a niche kind of market, not the one really interested in weaving a narrative like the game from Pulse Interactive.

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Maybe they should have just deed the game to be approached differently, but I can see the dilemma the developing team was facing. The way the objects are deed, the player ends up failing to understand why it is possible to crawl on some surfaces but on others death is instantenous or almost.

Most of the time spent in game will be actually figuring out where to go and not die, rather than what to do.

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Since the game is played in a topdown view, most of the time it is necessary to explore every nook and cranny to look for an exit. Anyone who has ever played a game from the nineties knows that doing Full Motion Videos well is pretty hard. Its supernatural narrative is expertly weaven and even goes to unexpected places. Even though there are no famous or recognizable actors, the cast is pretty decent and really one of the best features of the game.

Bad mojo hints from uhs — not your ordinary walkthrough

Digitized locations are expertly used, full of tiny details which will act as clues as to what to do next and as callbacks to events of the future and the past. Also, as a small but essential technical detail, the development team managed to keep the whole game, although pretty short, on a single CD, so there is no disc swapping required. Also that working inside certain technical limitations of the time could still produce excellent. Now comes the part of the article where I should try to find a kind of alternative, only this time it does not really come that easy.

Bad mojo – fmv done right ()

The player alternated between a tarantula and a scorpion, had a pretty interesting atmosphere and also a plot which the creatures were part of, but never protagonist. Unfortunately, the chances of playing it today are few and far between, probably emulation would be the way to go. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information.

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