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About me

As you all know we at times put write about furries, now we are giving you a pure furry tale that has a fluffy yet gaping pussy.

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I hope you enjoy. I always felt like I needed something in my life.

‘furry’ stories

At the beginning of my young adult years which is still going on in my 20s, I was having some sexual urges that I needed to clench. It was my heat season and even before it I was living in horny hell. I do know how it works and in many cases I wanted it so badly for my daddy. Man or woman, I really want one or a gangbang of them to fuck me raw and extreme.

Not to brag but I am a hot beauty and I do have good personalities like my intelligence at college level and my cute little kindness to everyone. sociální síť pro dospělé

How the fuck does that happen? I was so much in my mood that I kept going with my crazyness. I loved the insides of my pussy and I wanted more of that virgin cherry. Before I knew it I took a wine bottle and forced it into me with great velocity. It hurts but I wanted it.

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I screamed more from each pull and tug that and I felt it stretching from the size of the bottle. My pussy is very tight so it made it much more thrilling as if I was going to die.

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If I were to die from that, I would be happy even though I had died a virgin. I felt many things from it.

Stretchy feline / a furry’s story

Orgasms, burning from my insides, pure pain, extreme pleasures, all of these brought me great joy from the wine bottle inside me. Soon I exploded from my female juices of me cumming and the bottle just fired out of my pussy as if it was a projectile and my pussy a cannon.

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As I laid on my comfy bed in exhaustion I then lick my nipples, griping my big tits as I see my once tight and small pussy, now puffy and gaped as I rub it with my fingers. I was worried that I must have broken it but I played with it despite the odds, licking my nipples and fingering the loose hole in my batman pajamas.

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I now gotten my pussy tight again and closed but it still looks puffy and gaping. Thank you all for reading my story and goodbye.

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Hey guys the Pussy Gaper here. Thank you for reading this story.

Furry incest and rape

It was purely fictional and was inspired by hentai art of this blue feline furry with Batman pajamas and a gaping pussy. If you go and talk to her on discord, please treat her with respect as well as a decent human being….

This is not a WOKE rant and it has no agenda, just please treat her as if you treat other people like your mom or dad.

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Thank you all. My girlfriend and I do teach a gaping pussy class so if you want to give up your tight pussy life for something that would improve your sexual sensation in a perverted enlightenment then send you here and we can start training. So yeah guys.

Being a good bitch a furry story

Please show her respect and her user name is actually EvaFurryYiffer. You you want to make a story request of talk to me in gmail then let me know. Please, Rate This Story: average: 4.