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It was a breath of fresh air after reading all these medieval fantasy stories. Basically you're playing as a character who suddenly found themselves as the CEO of the company they're working for. I had so much fun playing as corrupt CEO. Offing people, making shady deals, etc. Gonna play another playthrough as the good guy this time.

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If I had a complaint it would be that the romance in it left much to be desired. Anyway I highly recommend this one.

passion gal Iris

This is one of my all-time favourite games. It blows my mind that people aren't as crazy about it. Browsing through this subreddit, it seems like most are just interested in romances lol.

house wives Maggie

MetaHuman doesn't have that great romances, so it's forgotten. Lmao in my first playthrough I got stuck in another planet and spent many years as an outcast and then found a time machine and went back and found myself back from the start but with all the memories slowly fading away.

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Yeah that's also the first ending I got. I got a more satisfying ending in my 2nd playthrough. But yeah, it was really cool.

Metahuman inc. achievements

The CEO aspect was my favorite and I wish there was more like it. I admit though that I had a hard time getting the time skipper, which was pretty cool because I liked the tactics of choosing which enhancements you would rather build to help you in chapters. Fatehaven is also one of the most underrated games that I really enjoyed and read through a lot of times.

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Yes I thought it will be a light hearted one judging from the cover but it got heavy in the end real quick. Why is it that authors of COG titles are obsessed with medieval times? I just got burnt out and needed a change.

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Metahuman Inc is super underrated. Posted by 1 year ago. Sort by: best.

Metahuman inc is super underrated

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