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So, if at some point you are reading this, I want to say, Congratulations! It means that you are fucking sad and horny that you decided to overcome the limitations of your pea-sized shrewd brain by visiting this website and stumbling across this fucking article. Before proceeding, ask yourself these questions: Am I lewd?

Am I miserable? Am I alone and a loveless D. If the answer to all those questions above is' yes' well then, Halle-fucking-lujah caveman, you just found the most brilliant solution to your drought problem. In this game—Something Unlimited, you can dominate all the bitches you want, use them, and toss them away like garbage, because you are Lex fucking Luthor bitch!

The owner of LexCorp. You get to craft devices that can control your enemies and rebuild the LexCorp.

With a trollop, Mercy, as your right-hand, this is one hell of a game for a lewd wanker like you. With that being said, you might as well go to your private room, ape. Turn off the lights and start reading the in-depth evaluation of this thirst-quenching game called' Something Unlimited.

You are probably a hobo in a dark room with your laptop as the only light source. You may be a dry, horny idiot wanker with an affinity for comics, porn, and video games. This must have been your lucky day since Gunsmoke Games have developed a game based upon the D. Comics franchise. You motherfuckers can get to conquer women and fuck their brains out without leaving your nasty smelling rooms. All I can say is Something Unlimited would satisfy your desperate need for desire and affection.

[something unlimited] unofficial game guide

Yes, you read that right. As Lex Luthor, you are going to fuck stupid sluts ranging from superheroes, henchwomen, and villainess. In this game, you are everything that you are not in the real world. You are a big deal!

Something unlimited walkthrough & guide

You are the real fucking deal in this game, even though in the real world, you are a dumb dimbo. Well, one thing that will satisfy your dick is knowing that in this game, you are the main character, playing an important role set to dominate the world. And as horny and lonely as you are, would settle for this kind of ificance even if it's just in an online game. Something Unlimited is available for download on MAC and Windows, so there are no excuses not to download this fucking game.

As savage and horny as I am, I downloaded the fucking game to review it—yes, dickhead I did, so your manatee brains have something to retain and hold on to. There is a slight complication in downloading the game, but being as masculine as I am—my endless and wholesome knowledge easily remedies the problem. But that would mean a deduction to the rating—4. Buckle up degenerate losers as we dive deeper into this fucking game. You have a little bitch at your side called, Mercy who will help you start to rebuild your fucking empire.

You will travel to the city and use your brain to unlock locations and acquire more girls. As you move further into the story, you will be taken to places like the yacht where you throw a party and invite all the villains to strengthen your connection with each other. Then, there's the prison after being arrested.

In these places, you have the chance to convince these fuckers to work for you. Interact with them when you are in the yacht and rescue them if in prison. Something unlimited private room, making the gangbangers loyal to you. The level one device can capture most of the self-righteous whores; in turn, you can control them, preventing them not to fucking attack the hell out of you.

You can also contain the sluts' sexual desires. Hell yeah, other whores your cause willingly; others have a unique capture mechanism.

While some sluts are your friends already, you can also just hire sluts, and they will be fucking grateful for it. You have a loyal slut, Tala, on your team. Use the bitch to seize dangerous or even magical characters like Superwoman or Raven. The main fucking point of the game is for you to be robust and rebuild your empire, so you have to shake your pea-sized brain for you to earn some money.

The captured sluts should be put to work. They will have to strip and shake their tits, then, later on, they can become sex workers. Fucking brilliant, right!

If a nitwit like you still have a hard time understanding the situation well, just fucking read on. Here's an idea, there is a device involved in the game.

The device will wipe out the memory of the sluts. In this case, the sluts will not remember what happened the night, what they didn't do, or did do. They will go back to their stupid life in the morning and return to you in the evening. Pretty sweet, right? Something Unlimited is basically inspired by D. But a complete parody of it. Then you will upgrade the control devices to control your hookers and sluts. You have to earn money to unlock stuff. The game is open for expansion and deed to be expanded.

The game is released on Patreon for free and is currently improving and developing as we speak. What's really fucking awesome about this game is that it does not limit you with women. The game has 26 plus comic-based henchwomen, villainesses, and even heroes. Yes, you weirdo, you read that right. And you know what? Something Unlimited has been around for a while, so that means that your little cock can be satisfied with tons and tons of content that will keep you entertained for hours.

If you brain dead idiots have some sort of learning disabilities, a cheat system is available for you too. So praise the fucking developers, you should kneel and kiss their fucking feet for giving you these aesthetically pleasing women and game. This fucking game has a static storyline; it is like watching a movie with two people sitting in the park bench for two hours, not doing anything. Do you fucking get me? The music is not doing anything like is there any background music?

Something unlimited walkthrough & guide

If there is, what is its fucking purpose? The music is just there, like a useless picture frame on the wall but without a picture. For fuck's sake, add some intense fucking music, not some outdated shit, to put some fucking life into the game. Who would want to cum to some crappy music? Go more in-depth with the characters, give them bigger tits, and make their pussies more enticing. Something Unlimited is an okay game, not good, not bad, just a basic ass game with a basic ass storyline. If a senseless skank like you are just playing the game for the sake of playing with your meat, then fucking these D.

This might be a god-tier game for you, but if you are looking for a fantastic concrete game with hardcore sex in it, I suggest you find another one. Overall, this game will delight with some big tits and ruthless blowjobs so you can expect to empty your sperm-filled balls. S fap-nation. Something Unlimited S fap-nation. The Gameplay You have a little bitch at your side called, Mercy who will help you start to rebuild your fucking empire.