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Bad Night, First Incursion. An adult pixel art platformer with a campy story and a. You play as Erika, a promiscuous alien stranded on earth several years ago. When her ship was discovered and confiscated by the government, along with several of her friends, she knew it was time to seek answers. One day she hopes to find and rescue them, though that may be easier said than done.

About this game

From these encounters, she can derive the essential fluids she craves to enhance her combat prowess. Now, after being discovered by the very agents that captured the rest of her crew, it looks like the time has come to take matters into her own hands…. Turn-Ons: Balloons, campfires, dandelion blooms, kiwi fruit, random sexual encounters, caterpillars, erect penises.

Perfect Date: Meeting a stranger on a bus or a plane, having sex with them and then acting like it never happened. Or sneaking into a private party with her date and having sex in a bedroom or bathroom and mingling with the guests afterwards.

Turn-Ons: Holding information over ones head to control them. Watching others suffer and beg.

Perfect Date: Sharing stories of horrible criminals that she apprehended and then getting tied up and fist fucked by her date as they describe the unspeakable things they are going to do to her. Reward: State 1, sex position fisting, Lore 1 stage 2, large energy crystal shard, serum x10, Lore 2.

Xeno-syrum 1 in 4 agents may carry. One full dose can be used to revive yourself if you fall in battle without having to restart at a save point.

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Bad Night, First Incursion An adult pixel art platformer with a campy story and a skampy heroine that runs, jumps, smashes and yes, even fucks her enemies accross eight levels of non stop action Next. Ambitions: To find the rest of her people and return to their home planet. Turnoffs: Cold places, violence, flaccid penises.

Favorite sexual position: Any as long as her partner cums. Secret Weakness: People that are shy make Erika really turned on. Turnoffs: Impoliteness, mouth breathers, old people, feet.

Favorite sexual position: Fisting Secret Weakness: Allergic to shellfish, being tied up. Turn-Ons: Greta, anything Greta likes.

Turnoffs: Anything that upsets Greta. Favorite sexual position: Face sitting, doggy style, blow job and foot fucking. Loot: coins, xLVL coin can be used to purchase food from special vending machines or clothing from Lotis Vendor NPC condensed carbon matter, xLVL used to rebuild damaged ship components Xeno-syrum 1 in 4 agents may carry.

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