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Throughout the Twilight seriesgifted humans are humans who manifest special abilities or strong qualities before they are turned into vampires. After they are turned, that characteristic will likely magnify into a supernatural talent. Depending on the clarity of its human manifestation, the level of that talent varies after the change. The Quileute tribal members descended from Taha Aki manifested magical powers that twilight witches them to transform into giant wolves, though these powers only activate for the fitting age and after coming across a vampire. This and the telepathic link between them in wolf form identifies them as "gifted". However, unlike humans, these people are unable to transform into vampires after getting bit.

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Witches are supernatural beings that possesses magical powers. They connect themselves with the elements and forces of nature; witches uphold their sacred duty as the Servants of Nature, to maintain balance within the world and combat the forces that disrupt the balance.

Their blood is better than human blood but is harder to obtain. The stronger the magic in vampire form the weaker the magic was in their bloodline. Witches are originally from atlantis, and are most known for creating a powerful weapon that is able to take away all immortality. The pedrometis is an acurence that strengthens a witches powers. Elizabeth Masen is suspected to have been a witch or a descendent due to her knowledge of vampires, her strong religious ties That are suspected to be that of a witch religion and her constant nursing of Edward witch is suspected to be a failed attempt to heal him.

Witches are suspected to have originated from Atlantis and have Lived there for thousands of twilight witches. Upon leaving the species split themselvs into five seperate groups, each with a emphasis on a specific skill. They were previo a living society, with 3 different religions, bogda nature focused kaliah a form of twilight witches and kadisiah dark magic focused. Because of the rival ideals, they could not coexist thereby leading to the war causing the expulsion of the Kadisiahs and the Kaliahs from the homeland, some Boghas also oppointed to leave as watcher of the two darker groups, these witchs formed covens.

There are few witches around today, mostly because of their desirable blood, witch trials, weakening of their blood lines through mating eith humans and lastly because of vampire coverns, such as the Volturi turing potential witchs into vampires for the abilities. These vampires have gifts however the more powerful their gift as a vampire the less likely they were to develop witch abilities on their own.

Human-Witch children have less chance of having magical abilities and it is believed that most humans have some magical qualities to their blood today. Witch blood is highly powerful and addictive to all species. To vampires it can, temporarily, bring back their new born abilities.

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For werewolves, it temporarily gives them their strength in human form as well as the ability to control their transformation. For humans the effects can be deadly. However, due to the temporary effects if the blood it can become highly addictive which is another fact to the small population of witchs in the modern world. While the origins of witchcraft remains a mystery, witches have existed for many millenia, passing down their knowledge and skills through generations in family lines.

A discovery of witches is a perfect combination of romance, action, and drama

They usually wear a pendant made out of either imperial gold to connect them to spirit magic, celestial bronze to connect them to nature magic or Stygian iron to connect them to expression magic. Some pendents are used as training twilight witches for some witchs when they are young, however, if relied on too heavily they can become dependent on syphening magic and incapable of preforming magic without a source.

While primarily solitary practitioners, some witches organize within groups formally known as covens. Covens allow witches to share knowledge and combine forces to enhance their magical strength and are usually lead by an elected leader who gains access to everyones magic upon the preformance of the princeps ceremony.

A complete coven has no limit on members but traditionally consists of twelve members. It is unknown how common coverns are due to the limitations of the species and the secrecy of twilight witches community. Most witchs are now thought to reside close to costal or natural areas of countrys due to their atring connection to nature ans the elements. Magic, or Witchcraftis the power to effect and alter things by magical means.

Magic can often be split into dark and light, though depending on the situation can also be neutral.

Magic is a genetic heredity that connects a witch to the elements and forces of nature in order to practice sorcery. By tapping into supernatural and elemental forces, witches possess a host of magical abilities. With experience and adequate training in witchcraft, these powers will grow stronger.

Powers can be triggered in many ways depending on the witches anker. Power can be active from birth, triggered from an excess of emotion negative or positive, an event positive or negative, through another witches magic, from learning spells, g a covern or by being someones object of channeling. One of the major sources of power for witches originates from the Earth, which is considered the purest form of magic.

In addition, witches can also channel energy from the elements. Colloquially known as the Spirits of Nature, spirits are highly involved twilight witches the activities of witches.

Spirits often commune and aid witches in their rituals and spells. Being the conscience of Nature, they establish the sacred laws and guidelines of witchcraft. While many witches are faithful servants of these spirits, some witches defy their laws and are often punished. Spirits can also be channeled as an additional power source in witchcraft.

Spirits from ancestors are also a source of power, these spirits are often tied to their living descendent as a form of afterlife. Witches typically have a natural distaste for vampires as they are commonly perceived amongst their community as abominations.

Retrospectively, many vampires see witches as nothing more than tools to be used to fulfill a vampire's needs. On the other hand, other vampires, hold witches in high esteem and respect them.

The origins of Vampires are unknown but witchs are often thought to be involved in their creation. It is unknown what would occur if a vampire and a human attempted to procreate.

Though witches and werewolves have very little interaction, they are known to be the oldest of supernatural creatures as both predate the existence of vampires. Although not as strong the two species dont typically agree due to their differing ideas in regards to nature and their similar living spaces resulting in a clash over territory.

Shapeshifters are a specific line of witches known as Astrowitches whom seek out yhe ability to shapeshift. The two species have a strong relationship, traditionally, beacause of this. The legend re that:. Unwilling to use the warriors' powers for such monstrous purposes, his chief, Taha Aki banished him from the tribe. One day, the chief left his twilight witches in a hiding place to sweep through the valley in his spirit form, searching the area for anything that may pose a threat to the tribe. Utlapa followed him and possessed his body, then cut his own body's throat to prevent Taha Aki's return.

The chief wandered for a while in spirit form, watching the thief do horrible things to his people. One day, the chief's spirit found a large, beautiful wolf in the woods. Though jealous of the wolf's physical form, an idea came to him.

He asked the wolf to share his body with him, and the wolf agreed. Rushing back to the village as the wolf, he met a party of warriors, and twilight witches to make himself known by yelping Quileute songs. One of the warriors, an elderly man named Yut, realized that the wolf was under a spirit's control, and, disobeying the usurper Utlapa's orders not to enter the spirit world, left his body to talk to the beast. The false chief, alarmed at Yut entering the spirit world as he feared that his treachery would be revealed, killed the warrior.

Taha Aki became enraged, and lunged to kill the man; his emotions were too much for the wolf, and it transformed into a magnificent human, the glorious flesh interpretation of Taha Aki's flawless spirit. The false chief was killed, and things were rapidly set right.

Taha Aki sired many children, and found out that his sons, at the age of manhood, could transform into wolves as well.

That is how the shifters came to be. The whole pack is made of the descendants to however many degrees of that original wolf.

Once again it is unknown what would happen if the two procreate, it is suspected that the childs genes would either follow one parent or the other depending upon the strength. However, some witches disregard this bond and act solely for their own personal gain. The Twilight Fanon Wiki Explore. Random. Recent blog posts. NewPictures Recent blog posts. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ?

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